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Protect your campground electrical system from overload.

With RV Powergate, campers can choose either a 30A or 50A outlet - but not both. This prevents overloading your electrical system. 

  • Easy to install (less than 5 minutes per unit)

  • Fits most existing electrical pedestals

  • Cost-effective ($29.95/unit)

  • Comes with UV-resistant pedestal sticker

  • Patent pending

  • Made in the U.S.A.

  • Featured in Woodall's

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The Need

Campers are using more electricity than ever at campgrounds, and this is increasing as more electric cars and trucks arrive.  RV PowerGate is the simple and inexpensive way to protect your electrical infrastructure.  

Decide at which pedestals you will allow campers to plug in their RV and charge their electric vehicle. Install an RV PowerGate on the rest. 

What Campground Owners are Saying

"The PowerGate is amazing.  I really think this small upgrade will protect my campground’s electrical infrastructure for years to come."

- Marc Peterson, Paris Landing KOA Holiday

“I have to tell 3 or 4 campers a week that they can’t use the 30A AND 50A – sometimes  they are trying to charge an electric vehicle.  RV PowerGates are a simple and inexpensive way to prevent people from frying my electrical system."

- Chuck Spencer, Central City KOA

"I like the protection PowerGate provides for my entire electrical system."

- David Ivy, Ivy's Cove RV Retreat

"RV Powergate is an elegant solution to a new problem."

- John Baker II, Austin East KOA Holiday

"PowerGate is a fantastic product and solution to a growing problem!"

- Jake Elliott, Lake Life Family RV Resort

"RV PowerGate is the “keep it simple” solution to a very serious problem, and can be installed quickly and cost effectively before expensive electrical damage is caused."

- Preston Menlove, Salt Lake City KOA Holiday

How it works

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